Being Passed Around Between Two Best Friends In France

My Secret Sex Diary

edb1ec3b5a8d2651f70a245aed299d65If you’ve already read Cheating & My Sexy France Encounter, go ahead and skip down to “THE STORY“. I share a condensed version of that story here for context. Please know that “Johnny” is “Jimy” and “Adrien” is “Antoine” in this story.
Sophomore year in college, I studied abroad in France. I had a long-distance boyfriend still in California. I had these two girl friends I went out to the bars with a lot. We met these two hot guys and hit it off. I later learned that one of the two (the hottest one, Jimy) had called dibs on me.
Fuck. Yes.
We go to the bar and we start drinking. Me and Jimy are flirting a lot, and my one friend was getting really jealous. She imagined she would be getting his attention since I was the only one of the three in a relationship.

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Monday Morning

I woke up this morning feeling recharged and excited for life.   I have been depressed for the last few months but today feels different.  I am excited for what the day has to offer, and that is hard to believe since it is a Monday morning.    I don’t know what’s different about today, I just know something good is going to happen.   Do you ever have days like that?   It’s like you wake up and your still dreaming?   Life can be a dream if you let it.    I’m ready to start living again 🙂

Hot or Not

Are you hot or not? From what you wear, to your hairstyle or even your body, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate yourself? How much would you be willing to pay to get real feedback on your looks, and suggestions to make you go from a 6 to an 8? I’m becoming a professional rater of looks, and loving every moment of it.

For the last month, I have been on a website called Fiverr where I do gigs for people for $5 bucks. It’s a lot of fun, and a great little side job. One of my gigs is to rate people hot or not. I made this gig just to see if anyone would be interested and I was shocked at how quickly people started buying gigs from me. Here are a few things I have seen along the way.  Check out my gig here. Continue reading

The 90-Day Rule: What Are You Waiting For Exactly?

Laura Natalie

Girl one: Have you slept together yet?
Girl two: Nah, I’m waiting 90 days. We’re good though.
Girl one: Waiting for what? Is it a Christmas present orr?
Girl two: No, I’m just waiting to sleep with him because it will show strength to our situation. I’ll know that I can trust him and he won’t think I’m easy.
Girl one: Yeah ok, lol.

(I’m ‘Girl one’ by the way)

Now I’m not saying us women shouldn’t wait to reveal our matching underwear and go wild with the person we’re dating, but I’m slightly confused as to what waiting for a specific amount of time will achieve?
One thing to know about men is that they love a challenge. If you let them know that in 90 odd days they’re going to see you in all your glory, you can sure as hell bet that he will stick around for…

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Tinder: Dating in the New Millenium

in case i'm gone

Sean and I recently came home to find our baby sitter busy scrolling her Tinder account. Loch was asleep and she was watching a movie on mute while checking out prospects. Having heard of, but never really seen, Tinder I sat down beside her to check it out. An hour later I was STILL there.

Is this is how people date now?! For reals? How old am I? It was completely ridiculous…and totally addictive.

Tinder is an on-line dating app that locates you with GPS then uses your Facebook information to create a profile (nothing about Tinder is posted on Facebook). A Tinder profile is simply your first name, age and “up to” 6 photos of your choice. It also includes any public pages you might have ‘liked’ on Facebook. Tinder then uses an algorithm to find you potential matches and you further narrow the choices by age, distance and appeal.

These days, if you’re single, you’re probably on…

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Fiverr is Giving Away Free Gigs

Hey guys, I make about $200 a month through my gigs on Fiverr,  you can check them out here.    Right now Fiverr is giving each new member a free $5 credit to buy a gig.   There are a ton of fun things on Fiverr and so many helpful gigs.   If you want a free gig, all you have to do is sign up through this link  Continue reading